About the Project

Thousands of people are fortunate enough to call themselves alumni of the Santa Cara Vanguard, Vanguard Cadets, Vanguard B Corps, Vanguard Winter Guard, or Winter Percussion. Hundreds of people have had the honor of instructing these groups. Many have volunteered and driven buses, prepared food, worked bingo, sewed fabric, managed day-to-day operations and given generously through donations, time, and labor to support this world-class organization.

Many of us know each other well. More of us have never met, yet we share an undeniable connection. Collectively, we lived the history and built the legacy that decorate these pages. This archive is for you.

We invite you to wander the halls of our history. Reflect on your time with the vanguard and reconnect with the memories and people you hold dear. Explore the years that came before you as well as those that followed. Here’s to honoring our origins and celebrating Vanguard’s journey across the decades.

Here’s the team behind the project.

Vanguard Historical Society Logo - Shield outline with "Vanguard Historical Society" written in script, and drum and bugle icon from the Vanguard corps jacket

This is an ongoing volunteer effort to document the history of Vanguard Music and Performing Arts. Submissions and corrections are welcome as we continue to add more content. history@scvanguard.org