Vanguard Historical Society

The Vanguard Historical Society is a volunteer effort led by alumni with guidance and support from Vanguard administrative staff. Our goal is to create an online and inclusive record of the story of our organization.

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Current members

  • Main staff coordinator: Eddie Montoya
  • Alumni Association liaison: Erik Brown
  • Angie Slatton
  • Dan Smith
  • Dan Vannatta
  • Mike Eng
  • Shannon Stamm McGhee
  • Sheri Aquilina

Former members

  • Brian Marsalli
  • Brian Menard
  • Dan Dilullo
  • Founder: Jeremy Van Wert
  • Robert Amaya

Website team

  • Adam Noyce
  • Mike Eng
  • Shekhar Khedekar

Decades project teams

Many people contributed to create each video in the year stories that appear in the site. See end credits in each story video for full lists.

Join us

We can use help from project managers, team leads, video editors, content curators, web developers and more to help bring these stories to life through short video documentaries and enhancements to this website. Want to help? Fill out this volunteer interest form.

Logo of the Vanguard Historical Society - a shield with the script "Vanguard Historical Society" and the drum and bugle icon as they appear on the Vanguard corps jacket

This is an ongoing volunteer effort to document the history of Vanguard Music and Performing Arts. Submissions and corrections are welcome as we continue to add more content.